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Monday Bits ‘n’ Bobs


Did a brave thing at the weekend and went to Outside for almost all of it. I found that many people use more than 140 characters to express themselves and still insist on talking to you even if you [More]

Easy Does It


It’s been one of those days. The brain hasn’t got into gear at all, evident by the typos that led to my embarrassment on Twitter, but it’s ok, the weekend is almost here and I can [More]

Mags and Grads


Hello again. Had a great day yesterday on a trip out to see the WWE do their thing. Took a few photos but rules is rules and I was soon asked to put the camera away, which I did and did not take any [More]

Top Tip – Tilt-Shift


Its a beautiful day here today, so nice in fact I’ve got my shorts on (apologies if you’re eating). No blog tomorrow, I’m off gallivanting once again. In Birmingham (the real one [More]

Manic Monday


It’s been a long and difficult weekend so it’s good to get back to ‘normal’. Monday is often a manic day here so here come a more than usual cobbled together blog post. Out [More]

Why I’m A Fan of…


Rafael “RC” Concepcion More about RC Blog at Layers Magazine Classes at KelbyTraining Scott Kelb’ys Introduction     Why I’m a Fan of RC This isn’t going to be a [More]

Serious Fur Pulling Day


Hello, so Thursday is here and as you may have guessed from today’s title, it’s been a long day.  I was helping someone on their computer today, they were filling out a form and insisted [More]

Wednesday Woes


Even though Monday was a day off it seems the mid-week blues have set in. Maybe we’re on a down from the chocolate high of the weekend. If so, the only cure is more chocolate, but then [More]

Happy Easter


A lovely spring day but better still, four days off to follow! Have a great Easter break. Out Now Magazine   Photography Monthly Cover Price: £3.95 Cover Mount : None, tutorial images are available [More]

Monroy’s Time Square Déjà vu


Out Now Podcast Martini Hour – 9 In Which Colleen Breaks the Gin Protocol for Adobe’s John Nack   Magazine Photoshop Creative Issue 47 Cover Price £6.00 Cover Mount : CD; 5 Video [More]

Tuesday’s Fur Saving Top Tips


Hello everyone and thanks for dropping by.  Out Now Podcast PixelPefect – 120 Bizarre Uses Of Merging Photos In Photoshop Photowalkthrough – 4: Weston at Low Tide Pt4 Learning Digital [More]

Not So Manic Monday


“Due to work commitments” is the official reason why Greyson TipSquirrel is not blogging today. I can reveal that he is shmoozing and generally living the high life today but will be back [More]

Why I’m A Fan Of… Friday : All Rise


Why I’m A Fan Of… Bert Monroy Photo-Realistic Digital Artist Authour Commercial Artist PixelPerfect Podcast Online Training NAPP Photoshop Hall of Fame 2004   A couple of weeks ago when [More]

The Background Moose Mystery


Out Now Podcast   DekePod 13 : The Mating Habits of the Pen Tool Presented by Deke McClelland Twitter: @dekepod Time 6:35 I have made no secret  that I like the style of presentation of Deke [More]

Old & New


April already and the net is awash with April Fool jokes. I can garantee, there are non in this blog. Out Now Podcast     PhotoWalkThrough – Weston at Low Tide 1 Presented by John Arnold [More]
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