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Multiple Strokes With Photoshop CS6

Many Photoshop users have asked how they would be able to add multiple Strokes, or outlines, to an object. This quick tip will show you how it’s possible to add 6 outlines to a single object, using Layer Styles, and a new feature in Photoshop CS6.

Starting out, you need a shape. I’m using a simple star shape that comes with Photoshop’s Custom Shapes Tool. Star Shape

Once the shape is in place, if you’re running Photoshop CS6, you can now add a Stroke to a vector shape. This can be done on the Options Bar when one of your shape tools are active.


Once that Stroke is in place, we can start adding additional ones using Layer Styles. In Photoshop CS6, your Layer Styles are now displayed in the order in which they will be stacked in. The most basic of the outlines, is a Stroke:


The next set of strokes can be added by maxing out either the Spread or Choke values. Inner Shadow:

Inner Shadow

Inner Glow:

Inner Glow

Outer Glow:

Outer Glow Drop Shadow: Drop Shadow

Notes: As additional outlines are added to the outside of an object, you may experience some ’rounding’ corners. You may also experience some ‘rough’ edges, which can be smoothed out by enabling “Anti-Aliased”.

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