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What Is Photoshop’s  Overscroll? And Why You Might Need It

If you’ve been digging through Photoshop’s preferences you might have spotted a checkbox for Overscroll and wondered what it does, lets take a look;


What Does Overscroll Do?

There may be times when you want to move your image around on screen using the Hand tool. It the image is bigger than the work area then no problem, but if it fits you’ll find you can’t move it.

With Overscroll on however you can move the image around as much as you like. In my example here I want to see the font drop down and see the text, so Overscroll allows me to move the image over.


No Overscroll


With Overscroll

Where To Find Overscroll

If you’re on a PC then you’ll find Preferences under the Edit Menu while Mac users will find it under the Photoshop menu. The quickest way is to press Ctl+K (PC) or Cmd+K (Mac).


However, its the Interface section we’re after.


You’ll find the overscroll checkbox here, off by default.

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8 Comments on What Is Photoshop’s  Overscroll? And Why You Might Need It

  1. Amazing! It’s really helpful.Thank you for this.

  2. hi! Nice tip. On my version of Photoshop CC 2015, there is no Overscroll checkbox. In fact, I only see four checkboxes in the “Options” area.

  3. I am the fan of your writing tutorials.i have read your previous tut…thanks for sharing and step by step details

  4. Hi,
    In CC2015 Overscroll has been moved to the Tools section of the preferences panel.

  5. You have created some extra authentic job.Thanks a lot.

  6. Thanks for your unwavering support help in teaching us how to use photoshop cc.May u help us out how to change the background of a solid silver items like musical instrument easily.Thanks

  7. Great tip mate, though they have changed the location of the overscroll in the newer version.
    Photoshop > Preferences > Tools

    Keep up the good work
    Cheers KSB

  8. Thanks KSB, still there for PS 2017

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