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Manic Monday

It’s been a long and difficult weekend so it’s good to get back to ‘normal’. Monday is often a manic day here so here come a more than usual cobbled together blog post.

Out Now



PixelPerfect : Lightng for 3D Models


Architects and engineers will love this episode about 3D lighting. Bert demonstrates how to add lighting to a 3D model car.



Adobe Creative Suite Podcast : Learn How Mask Clear Objects Like Glass

In this episode special guest Russell Brown shows how to mask a clear object, a glass and make it look realistic on a different background.




No strangers to the pages of this blog, today’s tutorials come from Janinealogy  and Pursuing Photoshop




Janinealogy takes last weeks Dave Cross’ restoration challenge and shows just how well it could have been done.

Once again, very well written and explained.




Opening two windows of the same image is demonstrated here and already there’s a couple of comments suggesting that the navigation panel is a better alternative. 

You won’t know unless you know both ways, so head over and check out Mitzs’ tutorial.


To Buy



Instant 3D gratification.


3D Invigorator is legendary within the video and film industry for its high quality images and its time saving workflow features. Now this popular 3D design tool is available for use in Adobe Photoshop.





A Photoshop Mousepad

You’ll have the Photoshop shortcuts always at hand, whenever you need them.

The shortcut list is divided into categories which facilitates finding the ones you need. The pad contains shortcuts for file management, brushes, most popular tools, layers, masks, selections, color adjustments, transformations, adjustments and many other aspects of Photoshop use. Therefore you’ll probably find here everything you need!”





Fire Photoshop Brushes

Always good for a bit of drama, here’s a set of fire brushes.





And there we are, thats Monday ‘in the can’. Have a great day. See you tomorrow.

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