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DekePod 13 : The Mating Habits of the Pen Tool

Presented by Deke McClelland
Twitter: @dekepod
Time 6:35

I have made no secret  that I like the style of presentation of Deke McClelland, he was even the inaugural subject of “Why I’m A Fan of…” and this podcast doesn’t make me think any differently, but thats probably because I know what he’s talking about.

If you are looking for an introduction to the pen tool, this may not be the one for you. Deke’s high octane delivery and unusual use of language and graphics means you could be left more confused than you started. 

Maybe I am missing the point? I have to admit that listening to Martini Hour, Deke’s other podcast, and watching this, my pleasure comes mainly from the smug realisation that I know what he is talking about. Is it possible that Deke is running these DekePods, not to teach the masses but to amuse those that are already buried in the Photoshop phenomena? If this is the case, I now grasp the Secret Handshake idea that Colleen Wheeler refers to.

As a footnote,  what is the semiotics of an almost burning moose (Moose?) in the background.


Digital SLR User Magazine – May 2009

Cover Price £3.90
Cover Mount : None

A good all round photography magazine with clear Photoshop tutorials.






Online Goodies

A great resource for all manner of goodies comes from an area I hadn’t considered before, digital scrap-booking. There is a whole wealth of untapped loveliness out there.

For a start why not head over to Free Digital Scrapbooking. This site has some good freebies including; fonts, paper textures and ’embeleshments’.



Digital Scrapbooking is something I am going to look at a bit more, so, if you know of any good sites drop me a note.

Have a great Thursday

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