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Exploring Comics and Mental Health: A Livestream Chat with Lucy Sullivan

In the dynamic world of comic books, few voices resonate as strongly as Lucy Sullivan‘s. Lucy, a talented comic writer and artist from London, brings her personal experiences and unique perspectives to the forefront of her work. Recently, we had the privilege of hosting Lucy as a special guest on a live stream, where we delved into her creative journey, the connection between mental health and comics, and her exciting upcoming projects.

Lucy Sullivan’s Background

Lucy Sullivan’s artistic talent and ability to craft captivating stories have garnered significant acclaim in the comic book industry. Her debut graphic novel, “Barking,” published in 2020 through Unbound, received praise for its heartfelt portrayal of mental health struggles. Drawing from her own experiences during a mental health crisis, Lucy infused the story with authenticity and relatability, making it truly impactful.

Lucy has collaborated with various artists and writers, including Fraser Campbell on “IND-XED,” John Reppion for Skrawl Magazine, Jordan Thomas for Metallic Dynamite, Peter Davison for “YOSHIN10,” and Dan Watters for “Razorblades.” She has also received commissions from renowned publications such as Colossive Press, Killtopia, Hey Amateur!, Department of Truth, and even contributed a short story to Jeff Lemire’s Black Hammer series.

Beyond her creative pursuits, Lucy is passionate about teaching and mentoring. She imparts her knowledge and expertise to aspiring graphic novelists through LDComics while also teaching BA Illustration and Animation. Her dedication to nurturing emerging talent is evident as she guides the next generation of comic creators.

Exploring Mental Health in Comics

During our livestream conversation, Lucy shared insights into the powerful connection between mental health and the world of Barking. Through her work, she aims to challenge stereotypes, confront stigma, and create a platform for important discussions around mental health. By intertwining personal experiences with fiction, Lucy skillfully captures the emotional depths and complexities of the human psyche.

Lucy’s graphic novel “Barking” is an excellent example of how comics can delve into sensitive subjects and provide readers with a profound understanding of mental health issues. By sharing her journey, Lucy opens up a dialogue that fosters empathy, understanding, and destigmatization.

New Projects

Excitement surrounds Lucy Sullivan’s upcoming projects. One of her most highly anticipated endeavours is developing a new Folk-Horror series called “Shelter.” Supported by Arts Council England, this series promises to captivate readers with its unique blend of folklore and horror elements. The first story in the series, “Early Doors,” has already gained recognition by winning the prestigious “Best New Periodical Series” award from Broken Frontier.

Lucy’s unwavering passion for storytelling shines through as she pushes her craft’s boundaries. Her artistic collaborations and commissions with industry luminaries demonstrate her versatility and commitment. Beyond her individual work, Lucy actively seeks to nurture and support emerging talents in the field.


Our livestream conversation with Lucy Sullivan left us profoundly moved and enlightened. Her ability to seamlessly blend personal experiences, mental health narratives, and compelling storytelling is a testament to her creativity. Lucy challenges preconceived notions, sparks important conversations, and encourages empathy and understanding through her work.

Lucy Sullivan’s influence in the industry and her commitment to mentorship make her an invaluable asset to seasoned enthusiasts and aspiring creators. Her unique perspective continues to shape the comics landscape, leaving an indelible mark on readers and fellow artists worldwide.

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