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Easy Movie Look in Photoshop With LUTs

Making images look like movie stills has always been a favourite of many, but with LUTs, or Look Up Tables, we can add a cinematic look in a click or two.


Step 1 :

With an image open, in this case #35090415 – Couple in sports car by Monkey Business at Fotolia, the first thing to do is crop it to a film ration of 16:9

photoshop_movie_lut 01Step 2:

Adding a Look Up Table is easy, select the Adjustments panel or choose Window > Adjustments if it isn’t already on the screen.

photoshop_movie_lut 02


Step 3:

From the drop down menu choose an effect. Depending on your image some LUTs will work better than others so it’s worth giving a few a try;

photoshop_movie_lut 03


Step 4:

Because this is an Adjustment Layer you can change finesse this further. Maybe with a Blending Mode;

photoshop_movie_lut 04

Step 5:

And maybe reduce the Opacity if it’s a little strong;

photoshop_movie_lut 05


Step 6:

With the top layer selected click the bottom layer and right click. Choose Convert to Smart Object;

photoshop_movie_lut 06


Then choose Camera Raw Filter from the Filter menu

photoshop_movie_lut 06_1

Step 7:

There’s lots of tweaks we can make here, for this image I’m adding a Vignette;

photoshop_movie_lut 07


I’ll call it done … for now.



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  1. Your tutorial is awesome and very informative.. go ahead..!!

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