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The Art of iPhone Photography – A Review

art_iphone_photography-498x400The advances in mobile technology continue to push forward and the camera seems to be becoming more and more of the central points we look for when choosing a new phone. Not surprising then that there is a complete section in the App Store dedicated to still and moving image.

As a reader of TipSquirrel.com you’re interested in taking your images to the next level, like me you may want to spend time on them before uploading them to Facebook.

Its very easy to get stuck in our ways, a little Snapseed Drama, a frame from somewhere and off it goes, we’ll do more from time to time but what can we do, where’s our inspiration?

For every image the artist names all the apps used and then leads the reader through a step by step tutorial on how it was created. 

The Art of iPhone Photography brings that inspiration to your coffee table. From the front to back cover you’ll find images taken


and processed on an iPhone that are, in many cases, absolutely stunning and leave you wondering just how such an image can come from a phone. Well, that question is answered too. For every image the artist names all the apps used and then leads the reader through a step by step tutorial on how it was created.

There’s approximately 100 iPhone apps used in the book by 40+ photographers and artists so, whatever your use you’ll get something out of this.

At £34.50 it may seem a little pricey, many Photoshop books come in at less, but one should look past this and see the value of the images. If you didn’t know they were taken and processed on a mobile devise you’d not think this was over priced for a fine art collection? Maybe this is a sign on the times?

In summary, if you’re into your phoneography, either iPhone or Android I highly recommend this book. Its both inspiring and informative.

Date of Release : 30 September 2013

Price : £34.50   $44.95  €36.00


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