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Cartoon Vector Clouds with Photoshop

finalWith Photoshop we can create vector type images, although they wont be true vectors as we use pixel manipulation. But that’s not to say we cant have some fun and make some cool pictures using simple techniques.



Step 1.


Create a new 1024×768 sized canvas (File>New) with a white background. Then add a Gradient Adjustment layer, change the first colour to #6cb4f8 and the 2nd to #cee5fa – make sure to opacity for both is 100% (if you are unsure how to use the gradient adjustment layer – have a look here http://www.macprovideo.com/hub/photoshop/using-the-gradient-map-adjustment-layer-in-photoshop-cs5 )

Step 2.

step2Select the Ellipse Tool, set the foreground colour to white and set to Shape Layer. Draw a circle while holding the Shift key to give you a perfect circle.

Step 3.

step3Rasterize the Layer and select the burn tool. Set the Exposure to 30% and the Range to Highlights in the options bar. We now want to burn the lower part of the circle.

Step 4.

step4Using Control / Command & J copy this circle and place it next to the original

step 5.

step5we now want to do this again and again, also use Free Transform to shrink the circles clones.

Step 6.

step6We now select all the circles and add them to a group, name the group level 1. Create a new Ellipse under the level 1 group. As before Rasterize it and burn it.

Step 7.

step7As before duplicate / resize and finally group together the new layers, name this new group Level 2.

Step 8.

step8Finish the cloud of in the same was as before! When the cloud is finished – group all the groups into one.

We can now duplicate / resize the group to create many clouds


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