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Serious Fur Pulling Day

Hello, so Thursday is here and as you may have guessed from today’s title, it’s been a long day. 

I was helping someone on their computer today, they were filling out a form and insisted they felt much more “comfortable” clicking on each text field and entering data than using the Tab key to go from field to field. Fortunately I found a paper bag to breath into or I may well be behind bars right now.

It bought back to mind something I saw a few years ago. A colleague at the time, a more mature lady, was shifting her keyboard sideways on the desk, then shifting it back again. After a while I asked her why,

“Oh”, she said, “Its this mouse thing, the desk isn’t big enough.”

And then she showed me that to get to the left of her screen she would have to move the mouse to where the keyboard was. Stunned, I lifted the mouse and demonstrated the correct use.

“I’ve been doing this for 3 months and didn’t know that, thank you!”

Anyhoo, here’s today’s little round-up

Out Now


Layers TV: Episode 83

Corey has a tip on using Photoshop actions that he learned at Photoshop World from his friend Emily.

RC recently discovered a site named Animoto that is great for creating slide shows.



DekePod : 14 Photoshop vs. Adobe Bridge–Beware the Cache, the Cache Must Die!

Deke explains how Bridge could be using more hard drive space than you might imagine.



Online Tutorials – Smart Filters

Here’s something that isn’t new, but worth a look as I am often asked about Smart Filters.

Coming to Photoshop in CS3 these are unbelievably useful. If you have been using Photoshop for a while  I wouldn’t blame you for being in the habit of not using them, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t nag you until you are.

Video from the excellent Photoanswers


A nice web based tutorial from creativepro.com showing a bit more detail, and using several layers.






And there we are, that’s Thursday sorted. Have a great day everyone.

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