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Photoshop Flame Filter and Text of Fire

photoshop-flame-filter-firstPhotoshop had a little update at Adobe Max this year and one of my fav new features s the Flames Filter. It works really well and has some great effects. Being somewhat of a ‘fontahoic’ I headed straight to the text paths to see what could be done, and if Photoshop could handle such a complicated path. Turns out it really can!

The image above was my first go to pop up on our Facebook page and then I wrote a piece all about it for our friends over at the Fotolia blog.Flames-on-a-path

The post at Fotolia is a written tutorial but for those that prefer to watch a video I thought I’d go through it for our readers here. So, here it is, creating Flames in Photoshop.

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5 Comments on Photoshop Flame Filter and Text of Fire

  1. disqus_UXhpJPkMw2 // 20/11/2014 at 4:21 pm //

    Hi Eric,

    May I have a link to the tutorial about the old fire making technique you mentioned in the fotolia blog, or do you have a tutorial for this?

    Thanks in advance and have a good day.

  2. Mister,
    what font you use in class mer the flame filter.
    Flame text. Flames on a path
    Best regards,
    Jan Majoor.
    From Holland.

  3. Amazing work. I like it so much.

  4. I am unable to see the flame filter in spite of the fact that I have Photoshop 2015 cc and I have created a path. The flame word is gray and it is not possible to activate even though I follow you and others who provide excellent tutorials.

    Thanks for your assistance and for your clearly described video tutorials

  5. Hi Tom,
    This was recorded in 2014, in CC 2015 the Flame filter was moved to Filter>Render>Flame

    Sorry for the confusion.

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