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Did You Forget About Photoshop Express

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“Photoshop Express? Is that still going?” I hear you ask. Well, yes and it’s more powerful now than ever with some amazing updates.

What Photoshop Express Is Not

photoshop express appsThis isn’t Adobe’s first foray into providing Photoshop on mobile devices, some readers may remember the, frankly brilliant, Photoshop Touch before it was pieced out. Others may remember the first release of Photoshop Express and uninstalled, but things are different, very different.

Photoshop Express isn’t a Creative Cloud all bells and whistles application either, yet it appears in at least one other CC app’s menu and utilises other CC mobile apps. More about this in a moment.

What Photoshop Express Is

As a mobile app it’s incredibly powerful, with some of the tweaks and sliders you might have thought you’d only find in Lightroom Mobile.

photoshop express sharpen

The wonderful Clarity, Vibrancy and Dehaze (known here as Defog) sliders all appear along with some extras you find yourself using a lot, like Sharpening, Collage and Edges.

photoshop express clarity and defog


For the casual user it’s a dream, for the more serious phoneographer its everything you need to get your images the way you want them, perhaps prior to taking them to another application specific app.

photoshop express looks

Creative Cloud Integration

Using Photoshop Express on it’s own gives some great effects and editing power but there’s some things it’s not designed to do, step in Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Mix.

photoshop express edit in menu

Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Mix

Photoshop Express has a Send To button that allows you to temporarily send an image to Fix or Mix. These apps have a button at the top  that sends the edited image back to Photoshop Express.

There’s limited functionality in these apps but there’s nothing else Fix or Mix has that you don’t get with Express.

Express From Other Apps

The street isn’t one way, Photoshop Express can be accessed through the Edit In menu from Adobe Comp. This clever app allows the user to comp up apps, web pages, magazine covers and just about anything else.

When you’re making a comp, intricate editing isn’t necessary, but a quick Look or edit might be what you’re after, so this makes a lot of sense to connect Express.

photoshop express from adobe comp

Edit In Menu in Adobe Comp

Should I Unistall Snapseed?

Lets be honest, Snapseed is a lot of people’s ‘goto’ mobile editing app, and with good reason, it’s a solid app with a lot of great features.

I don’t think Photoshop Express is everything you need, and for some images Snapseed may be justness the ticket, but with the ongoing development, and yep there’s regular updates, Express is fast becoming my first stop.

I’d love to know if you use Photoshop Express, or maybe this article has prompted you to give it a try. Let me know what you think.





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