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Visualize Spots in Lightroom 5

lightroom_spotLightroom 5 comes with some pretty nice upgrades, but one of the smaller additions may make many photographers excited. Many times you’ll find yourself with a nice looking photo, but because of certain conditions, your lens or surroundings may contain a bit of dust. Normally small amounts of dust would be slightly difficult to notice, as you can [or can’t] see in the photo below.Visualize SpotsIn Lightroom 5, you now have a tool to help detect hard to see dust spots; Visualize Spots. This new feature can be found with the Spot Removal Tool, on the Toolbar, at the bottom of your workspace. The Spot Removal Tool can be accessed in the Develop module.Spot RemovalOnce you turn on Visualize Spots, you’ll see a super high contrast version of your image, which will highlight any possible dust spots. When the threshold is low, you may not see the spots too well.Visualize LowHowever, once you start turning up the threshold, the spots will become much more clear.Visualize HighNow you can use the Spot Removal Tool to remove those unwanted dust spots!

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