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Pre Visualisation : A Photographer’s Workflow pt 2


In the second part of my workflow example I take my image from Lightroom and into Photoshop.

You can see part 1 here.

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Gabriel Van Ingen documentary Nottingham wedding photographer, portrait and fashion photographer based in Nottingham. Gabriel van ingen shoots weddings with medium format cameras using film. He captures stunning imagery with this medium. Gabriel has photographed weddings in Europe and the Uk, from castles in Scotland, country estates in Ireland, to summer marquee's in the British countryside. Gabriel Van Ingen offers bespoke studio portrait, fashion and model sessions from Clear View Studio. These session are truly unique. Gabriel brings to each shoot his ability to offer traditional large format portraits, utilising his experience with alternative and historical photographic process's.

4 Comments on Pre Visualisation : A Photographer’s Workflow pt 2

  1. DB in grey layer with DB tools in highlights and shadows :))) WRONG,because is a grey layer…have no shadows and highlights

  2. this can all be done in lightroom…why switch over to photoshop

  3. Gabriel van Ingen // 26/04/2013 at 10:49 am //

    In my workflow I see a clear difference between using the highlight and shadow option.

  4. Gabriel van Ingen // 26/04/2013 at 6:44 pm //

    There is far more finesse in photoshops layer adjustments, including the painting in of curves layers to specific areas. I find Lightroom adjustments too clunky for fine adjustments such as those applied to this image. After all, remember this is my workflow, not a rule to follow.

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