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Add Copyright Information in Photoshop – Automatically

Auto-CopyrightIt’s always a good idea to copyright your work, and that includes embedding the appropriate information into your image metadata. Learn the three step process to create a template to add copyright metadata, to create an action to apply your template, and to use Photoshop’s Script Events Manager to run your action every time you work on a file. It may sound scary, but it’s a simple process, and you can “set it and forget it.” I’ve written about this before a few years back, but this is a good reminder, I’ve brought it up to date with the latest version of Photoshop, and here is a video tutorial for those who prefer video learning.

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12 Comments on Add Copyright Information in Photoshop – Automatically

  1. Steve Hughes // 27/08/2013 at 10:33 pm //

    The only problem is that Facebook etc. strip out all the metadata when you upload! BH

  2. Grazie, un tutorial davvero interessante.
    Un saluto dall’Italia.

  3. I can be useful if someone uploads to their own websites

  4. Hi Michael. Thank you for your crisp, easy to follow and very useful video. One question, however, which I hope you can answer. I entered the copyright symbol © and my name in the ‘Copyright notice’ section of the File Info window but when I attempt to import the metadata information (.xmp file) into a new image, my name and website details displays but not the copyright symbol with my accompanying name? It appears that the actual text is there but appears whitened-out. As I’m unable to create a copyright symbol on my Lenovo W530 – as it comes without a numeric keypad, I’ve copied and pasted the details from notepad and from Word without success. Thank you, in anticipation.

  5. Hello,

    maybe it’s interesting for you: I’ve developed a Photoshop-Panel that reads out the embedded metadata and inserts it as text layer.

    Demonstration video and more here: http://pixelsucht.net/metadatacc/

    The Lite version is for free!


  6. I want to add copyright info automatically in Photoshop CC, I followed your 2013 tutorial video exactly, but when I repeat the File Info step, I don’t have the button that shows the preset action list just a Template button that only drops down Template, Impost, Export it does not show the listwith my xmp Also, the File Info window does not have the tabs across the top…it just opens automatically to the Description page. Apparently CC is different from 2013 PS. Please advise. Thanks!

  7. Audrey // 29/10/2017 at 7:08 am //

    Thank you! This was just what I needed!

  8. Photoshop version 19.1.0 20180116.r.238 2018/01/16: 1153018 x64

    Opening a document with this action automated through the Script Events Manager will overwrite the exisitng meta data, not append to it.

  9. Thank you very much!!
    It’s working great!

  10. Hi Michael, first of all thank you so much for the valuable information. I did all as you said on your video but at the end when I try to create a new template or any image did not open. Everything is closing right away. I had to delete the actions all to open the Photoshop. I have the new version of the Photoshop 2020. Is that the reason ? Can you guide me please. Thank you for your time. Nazan

  11. Thank you I managed it. 🙂

  12. Thanks! It took a few tries but working good now.

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