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Monroy’s Time Square Déjà vu

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Martini Hour – 9 In Which Colleen Breaks the Gin Protocol for Adobe’s John Nack



Photoshop Creative Issue 47

Cover Price £6.00
Cover Mount : CD;
5 Video Tutorials (33 mins)
168 Brushes
20 Stock Images
Tutorial Files

An excellent Photoshop magazine that combines news and tutorial. If you pick this up for no other reason it should be to see and create the baby in a flowerpot image.

Photoshop Creative can also be found on Twitter

Online Video Tutorials

KelbyTraining – Bert Monroy: The Making of Times Square: Part 1

This really is a series of positives and negatives. If you’ve been watching Bert’s excellent PixelPerfect for a while you will have seen him do everything in this series. I’m afraid so, there is nothing new here and that’s a major disappointment.

On the pluses, well, you don’t have to go digging about for all the various episodes like you would if you were watching the podcast and there isn’t 3 minutes of sponsors at the beginning.

All of this series is screen shot only, unlike the podcast that often has Bert address the camera. I like this, it makes for a much more personal touch.

Web Based Tutorial

Janine Smith (Landailyn)

Rebuilding RGB

An excellent tutorial from an award winning photo restoration expert. Janine provides the files so that the reader can follow along making everything really fall into place.



Katie Heupel

Website Chicago Photography

Twitter : K8Hipull

Some really beautiful images taken around Chicago. 



So that’s Wednesday done and dusted. If you have anything that you feel other Photoshop nuts would be interested in please feel free to drop me a line.

All being well I’ll see you all on Thursday. Have a great day.



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