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Why I’m A Fan Of… Friday : All Rise

Why I’m A Fan Of…

Bert Monroy

Photo-Realistic Digital Artist
Commercial Artist
PixelPerfect Podcast
Online Training
NAPP Photoshop Hall of Fame 2004


A couple of weeks ago when Corey Barker was the subject of Why I’m A Fan of I suggested that in the world of Photoshop training Bert Monroy was a king. No complaints, not a one.

Bert’s podcasts and online training is far from the slickest and he most certainly isn’t the most comfortable before the camera, but the methods and results are second to none. I hinted that it was TipSquirrels’s opinion that Corey Barker may be heir to the throne and by this I mean both have an extraordinary way of taking the obvious and using it to meet their stunning end goal, thinking outside the box.


If someone asked, “who would you like to be trapped in a lift with?” The answer would be <censored> Jennifer Love-Hewitt and a pot of jam <censored> but then I’d probably say Bert Monroy. 

Maybe it’s the accent, remember I am a lah-de-dah British squirrel, but there is something captivating yet relaxing when Bert talks.

No mention of HRH Monroy would be complete without a mention of the digital painting that he does so magnificently. If you have never gazed upon Damen I urge you to do it now, but I give you this word of caution;




When you look upon Damen know that from this time onward, what you thought was a high standard and level of detail will change forever.


And that’s why I’m a fan of Bert Monroy

Out Now



Layers TV : Episode 81
“RC discusses Photoshop’s Zoomify tool and how it can be used to post hi-res images to the web. Corey uses Photoshop to create a background graphic using distort filters, halftone patterns, and gradients.”




Photoshop For Digital Photographers : Color Correcting Your Images
“With the changes Adobe made from Photoshop CS3 to CS4 the technique that we showed 18 months ago of color correcting your images changed. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to successfully color correct your images in CS4.”


Photo Walkthrough – Tutorial 1 Chapter 2 – Weston at Low Tide 

“Chapter 2 of the re-encoding and re-release of Tutorial 1. In today’s show we look at darkening layers and lightening layers. We use them to bring the sky and ground levels closer together. We also use light to start to prioritize and emphasize the elements of the shot that are going to be most important for guiding the viewer’s eye.”


Learning Digital Photography – 19 Blur Baby, Blur!

“Not only is there some pretty ground-breaking news from the computing world, but the theme for this podcast is blur!  I take a (hopefully) clear look at different types of blur you can get in your images, what can work, what will not work, and how to correct for different types. ”



And that’s Friday, and this week, done.

I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you do.

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