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Unveiling the Magic of Empowerment Photography

A Captivating Journey with Tigz Rice on What's What? Live!

Welcome to the latest episode of What’s What? Live!, where we bring you engaging conversations with remarkable individuals from various creative fields. In this week’s episode, my friend David Cousens and I enjoyed hosting the talented Empowerment Photographer Tigz Rice.

Together, we embarked on a captivating livestream journey, delving into the enchanting world of empowerment photography. Join us as we uncover the highlights of our conversation and discover the captivating artistry of Tigz and her command of light.

Meeting Tigz Rice: A Friendship Formed through Shared Passions

Tigz Rice, a dear friend to David and me, has been integral to our lives for quite some time. We initially crossed paths at a convention, and our friendship grew stronger as we continuously met at various Adobe events. As dedicated hosts of What’s What? Live!, we were always mesmerized by Tigz’s exceptional talent, particularly in her boudoir photography, where her mastery of light seemed nothing short of magical. This deep admiration led us to invite Tigz as a guest on our show.

Exploring Empowerment Photography: Unveiling its Essence and Process

During our latest episode of What’s What? Live!, we embarked on an enthralling exploration of empowerment photography, seeking to unveil its true essence and understand the intricacies it entails. Tigz generously shared her journey, shedding light on the motivations and inspirations that guided her towards this empowering path. As we ventured further, Tigz graciously offered a glimpse into her creative process, showcasing images from a recent shoot and providing invaluable insights into her thoughts and shooting techniques.

A Tale of Two Endings: Livestream Delights on Behance and YouTube

For our loyal viewers on Behance, we treated them to the uncut version of the live stream, complete with pre-show and after-show shenanigans. On YouTube, we present a more concise version. There isn’t any substitute for being there live, though!

Upcoming Guest: Rufus Deuchler, Principal Manager of Creative Cloud Evangelism at Adobe Systems

Join us on the next episode of What’s What? Live! as we delve into creative technology with Rufus Deuchler. His extensive experience, expertise in using Adobe software, and passion for sharing knowledge make him a leading authority in the field. We encourage you, our valued viewers, to participate by submitting your burning questions for Rufus. This is your chance to gain valuable insights and expand your understanding of creative technology.

Make sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming episode of What’s What? Live!, featuring Rufus Deuchler. Join us live on Behance at 6 pm UK time and catch the recording later on both Behance and YouTube. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to gain valuable insights from one of the industry’s leading experts in creative technology.

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