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Wide Eyed Cat – Have Fun in Photoshop

A few years ago there were a number of birthday cards with large eyed cats and dogs on them, I thought I would spend a few minutes showing you how you can make your own spin on this idea.


Step 1. download the following stock items: –




Step 2.


Open the cat image into Photoshop and duplicate the Layer by pressing Control & J. Select the duplicated Layer and open Liquify (Filter>Liquify)

Step 3.

step3Select the Bloat tool and set the brush size to 256, focus the middle of the tool on the pupil and bloat it so it resembled the picture. Click okay and accept the changes.

Step 4.

step4Use the Rectangle Marquee Tool to make a selection around the eye. Copy and paste the eye to a new Layer.

Step 5.

step5Use Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontally to flip the eye over and reposition it over the other eye.

Step 6.

step6Add a layer mask to the Eye Layer and using a soft edge brush remove the hard edges and blend the eye into its new position.

Step 7.

step7Open the baby picture and using the Rectangle Marquee Tool select the mouth. Copy and Paste it onto the cat image.step7b

Step 8.

step8Position the mouth under the cats nose, next add a Layer Mask to the Mouth layer. Choose a soft edge brush and gradually remove the pink skin around and including the lips leaving the open mouth.

Step 9.

step9Merge the Layers together to create one Layer. Open the Liquify Filter again and use the Forward Warp Tool to push the corners of the mouth up into smile.

Step 10.

step10Open the party girl photo and using the method you prefer select the hat. Copy if over to the Cat picture.

Step 11.

step11Reposition the hat over one of the ears. Add a Layer Mask and using a soft Edge Brush remove some of the bottom of the hat so it looks like fur is sticking up over the hat.

Step 12.

step12Shrink the brush size down and swap set the foreground colour to white. Make a small dot in the top left part of each eye, shrink the brush down further and reduce the opacity to 40% and do the same on the right hand side of each eye

Step 13.

step13Optional : Choose a festive font and add a message to the picture.

Step 14.

step14Optional : Go to http://rev-jesse-c-stock.deviantart.com/art/Confetti-brush-149156898 and download the confetti brush (follow the tutorial if you want – this is one of my older tutorials). Install the brush and add some confetti to the picture.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and have a bit of fun 🙂


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Simon Rudd is a freelance writer and artist specialising in Photoshop tutorials as well as Horror, the Macabre and Fantasy themed pictures. He frequently writes for magazines and websites.

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