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Enhancing Hair – A Photoshop Workflow Example


In this workflow example I take take a look at enhancing hair, and what better way than with this wonderful sloth? You’ll see my workflow for this image from start to finish including Adobe Camera Raw and finishing touches in Photoshop.

Enhancing HairEnhancing Hair – A Workflow from Rich Harrington from Greyson TipSquirrel on Vimeo.

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A certified instructor for Adobe and Apple, Rich is a practiced expert in motion graphic design and digital video. Rich is a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals Instructor Dream Team, and a popular speaker on the digital video circuit. Rich is an internationally published author. His book, Photoshop for Video, was the first of its kind to focus on Photoshop’s application in the world of video. He is also a contributing author for Apple’s Aperture, iLife ’09 and iWork ’09, Video Made on a Mac, and Producing Video Podcasts. If you want even more Photoshop training, check out his book Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS4. If you have an iPod touch or iPhone, you can get <a href="http://tinyurl.com/upapps">Rich’s Training in your Pocket</a>

1 Comment on Enhancing Hair – A Photoshop Workflow Example

  1. I’m a bit lost here.

    @0:33: Contrary to the intended purpose (“decrease the intensity of some of the greens”), most of the greens look more intense to my eyes after the modification. Also, there’s any number of techniques that would be far more suitable for this goal.

    @2:05: It may be my old eyes, but I saw no discernible difference between the on/off setting for removing CA. I’d expect the example used in an instructional video to be representative for what’s being demonstrated. And then the effect of this option is further *reduced* by moving the sliders in?

    @2:50: The image was allegedly shot with a 600mm equivalent lens, so presumably the Panasonic 100-300 was used. This lens exhibits virtually no distortion at the 300mm end, so why the heavy handed correction in that area?

    But what really struck me is that about 75% of what is being discussed in this video has nothing whatsoever to do with enhancing hair.

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