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Remove Black and White Backgrounds in Photoshop

blend-if-howard-pinskyIn this tutorial, exclusively for TipSquirrel.com, I show you how to remove black and white backgrounds from your photos using the Blend If controls within your Layer Styles dialogue box.

About Howard Pinsky (12 Articles)
For about five years, Howard has been creating video and written Photoshop tutorials through his online company, Iceflow Studios. With over 70 million hits, he has been able to educate people all over the world using the power of the Internet. His work has been used in High Schools, Colleges, and recognized by Adobe themselves.

7 Comments on Remove Black and White Backgrounds in Photoshop

  1. suruha // 23/08/2013 at 10:47 pm //

    I had seen this before, but, not the part about masking a duplicate on top to fill in. Awesome! Thank you!

  2. Great useful tutorial i learn something from this tutorial !!

  3. Grazie. Tutorial davvero interessante e utile.
    Ciao dall’Italia .

  4. Video tutorials are always better than the written one. It is easy to understand the tutorial very well from the video.

  5. Howard Pinsky makes this tutorial very easy. Highly appreciated for this tutorial as I learned so many thing from this tutorial. Thanks.

  6. It is a great tutorial. Well described and showed the techniques with ease. This video tutorial is very effective and will help me to work on that. Thanks for sharing this post, the video specially.

  7. Removing background sounds easy and yes it is but we have to do it with perfection. The edges are the challenge we have to take and in this tutorial we have it all. Any beginner can do it now with this tutorial. I wonder what would the photoshop training centers do if more of this video is made.

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