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What’s What? Live! Discovering Passion, Resilience, and Nordic Workshops with Special Guest Dave Williams


In this episode of What’s What? Live! we’re joined by Dave Williams, a man whose life mantra, ‘find a way or make one’, resonates deeply with every challenge he undertakes.

The Allure of Norway: More than Just a Journey

Dave’s decision to move to Norway wasn’t a mere change of address but a transformative journey. He paints a vivid picture of the Nordic landscapes, where every fjord, mountain, and forest tells a story. But more than the physical beauty, the emotional and personal growth he experienced stands out. Dave’s tales are a blend of adventure, self-discovery, and an undying spirit of resilience.

Illuminating the Nordic Landscapes: Photography Workshops with a Twist

Beyond being an explorer, Dave is a storyteller. His photography workshops in the Nordic terrains are not just sessions; they are experiences. Participants don’t just learn to capture moments; they immerse themselves in tales of passion and the art of truly seeing. Dave believes in the power of a photograph to narrate a story, and through his workshops, he shares this gift with the world.


Invitation to a World of Genuine Conversations

If your heart beats for photography, if stories of determination inspire you, or if you’re simply in search of genuine human connections, this episode has treasures in store for you. So, prepare your favourite brew, find a cosy corner, and dive into a world of heartfelt conversations.

Never Miss an Episode

With every episode of “What’s What? Live”, a new story unfolds. Recorded on Behance every Tuesday at 6pm (UK), each session promises insightful conversations, laughter, and a community that feels like home. Join the live sessions here.

In Conclusion

Dave Williams is not just a photographer or an explorer; he’s a beacon of inspiration. His journey, from the decision to leave his stable job in London to the creation of transformative photography workshops in Norway, is a testament to the power of passion and resilience. “What’s What? Live” is honoured to share his story, and we invite you to be a part of this beautiful journey.

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