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The Unsung Hero of the Latest Photoshop Update. Thanks John Nack

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The latest Photoshop update has caused a lot of interest, and why not, the list of updates is pretty impressive!

You can find  list below of some of the major updates, but there’s one on the list, tucked right at the bottom, that I’ve be dreaming of since goodness knows when! I remember the then Principal Product Manager at Adobe John Nack telling Bert Monroy on his Pixelperfect podcast that this feature was coming soon… if memory serves this was in 2009, when CS4 was the current version.

But, true to his word, we got it, and although Mr Nack is no longer at Adobe I’d like to thank him for getting it started…

Moving layers Between Documents from the Layers Panel

Yep. Its that simple, you can now click and drag a layer from the Layers panel as you would a layer on the document. Its a little thing but SO helpful!


The updates include;

  • Reintroduced the Oil Paint filter
  • New “Graphic and Web” workspace
  • Support sRGB export with new Export As options
  • Ability to resize the Export As dialog
  • Improved PNG interface in the Export As dialog (for exporting to PNG-32 or PNG-8)
  • Saved file type and quality settings between Exports
  • Improved stability of Device Preview connection, and added more troubleshooting options
  • Set type layer position on canvas (X/Y) in the Properties panel
  • Option to skip transform when placing Smart Objects on canvas
  • Added an option to save to Libraries when pasting a Smart Object from Illustrator
  • Improvements to Copy/Paste/Drag between documents, clipboard and CC Libraries
  • Improve the display of artboard names, allow them to be turned off
  • Artboard and marquee snapping improvements
  • Added artboard preference for matte color and border type
  • Align command now works with single selected layer within artboard (artboard is implicitly selected)
  • Artboard custom presets now show up in the Artboard tool bar/property presets menu
  • Prevent Locked Layers from being auto-nested in artboards
  • Allow artboards to lock position
  • Added keyboard modifier (shift) to determine if layers get added to bottom of groups
  • Better default shape stroke value (1 px instead of 3 pt)
  • Added 16pt as one of the preset values in the font size drop-down
  • Hyphenation now defaults to Off
  • Added several items to Designer Favorites in Glyph panel
  • Maintain selected glyph when switching fonts
  • Selecting a single glyph on canvas selects the glyph in Glyph panel
  • Added option for “diffusion” to Healing Brush, to reduce artifacts in some situations
  • Improved baseline alignment of many dialogs and widgets
  • Improved document presets with new iPad Pro, updated presets with DCI 4k, 8K, and moved HDTV up the list
  • Disabled the “no layers selected” error when clicking with Move tool outside the canvas
  • Dramatically reduced file sizes for 16- and 32-bit PSDs when “Max compatibility” is unchecked
  • Ability to drag layers from the layers panel to another document tab
  • 30-bit color support on Mac

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  1. I tried this with a type layer and it wouldn’t work. So maybe it is just for a regular layer

  2. This should be working for you with text layers too

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