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Unlocking Creativity: Exploring Adobe Express with Jordan Dené Ellis

This week’s “What’s What Live!” features the wonderful Jordan Dené Ellis as a special guest. A Community Manager at Adobe, Jordan is an inspiring entrepreneur deeply immersed in the world of fandom and pop culture. Myself and David discussed her entrepreneurial ventures, her passion for geek culture, and her significant role in shaping Adobe Express – a remarkable tool for artists and designers.

The Epic Path of a Creative Entrepreneur

With over ten years of experience, she’s a seasoned and creative entrepreneur who has founded, grown, and maintained three successful start-up companies. Her remarkable journey began in 2011 when she founded a pop culture-inspired lifestyle and clothing brand, which has since become a leader in geek fashion, captivating fans worldwide.

But her passion for pop culture didn’t stop there. In 2018, she co-founded The Sartorial Geek, a platform that celebrates inclusivity and fandom, fostering a thriving community through publishing, podcasting, and online events.

Geek Vibes and Upcoming Movie Madness

We couldn’t resist geeking out with Jordan over some upcoming movies. From the highly-anticipated new Barbie movie to the animation style of the new Turtles, we’re all eagerly waiting for these cinematic delights! Oh, and not to forget, the new Futurama release had me giddy with excitement!

The Magic Unleashed: Adobe Express

Jordan provided a hands-on demonstration of how Adobe Express empowers users to animate elements effortlessly within their designs. The integration with Adobe Libraries and collaborative features were also touched upon, alongside the advantages of using Adobe Rush for video editing, particularly for content creators on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Enthusiasm for the beta version’s enhancements was palpable, with an open invitation for users to contribute feedback for further refinements.

Additional functionalities of Adobe Express were showcased, such as the Content Scheduler, enabling users to plan and schedule posts across different platforms in advance. Although the duplicate option awaits future release, it promises to be a valuable feature, allowing easy reuse of content with minor adjustments. The conversation also meandered into a delightful discussion about Comic-Con and geek culture, where Jordan shared her genuine love for the event’s friendly atmosphere.


Our time with Jordan Dené Ellis through the “What’s What Live!” live stream was a rollercoaster of inspiration. Her journey as a creative entrepreneur and the magic of Adobe Express showed us that creativity knows no bounds.







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