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From Stanford to Lynda, then LinkedIn Learning and Adobe. Jan Kabili’s Journey

Jan Kabili: A Force in the Creative World

The world of creativity is vast, encompassing various mediums, tools, and techniques. But what remains consistent is the passion and dedication of those who immerse themselves in it. One such individual is Jan Kabili. With over 50 courses on LinkedIn Learning, she has guided countless individuals on their creative journeys. Her work with Adobe further amplifies her stature in the industry, where she crafts intuitive tutorials and work-along sessions for Photoshop.

From Stanford Law to Adobe’s Creative Labs

Jan’s personal journey is nothing short of inspiring. From the academic rigours of Stanford Law School to the dynamic world of Adobe, her transition speaks volumes about following one’s passion. Jan generously shares her insights in the video, offering a rare glimpse into her world. She delves into the essence of creativity, its impact on her work, and the experiences that led her from law to design.

Connecting with Jan and the Team

For those eager to delve deeper into Jan’s work, there are multiple platforms, from LinkedIn Learning to her Instagram. Adobe enthusiasts can also benefit from her tutorials on Learn Adobe. The episode also showcases other prominent figures from the “What’s What? Live” team, including David Cousens and Eric Renno.

In Conclusion

The episode with Jan Kabili is more than just an interview; it’s a journey through the world of creativity, passion, and determination. It serves as a reminder that life’s paths are unpredictable, but one can find their true calling with passion and perseverance.

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