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Adobe Express Gets a Long-Awaited Update

And It's Pretty Darn Good!

Remember Adobe Spark? All that goodness was taken into Adobe Express and left to collect dust. A few tweaks here and there but nothing that would stop creators from flocking to Canva and the like. Finally, Adobe realised they had the skill, code and know-how to take on the already established sites and started to nudge their way into the online content creation marketplace.

And so, in June 2023, the next iteration of Adobe Express launched as a public beta, and it may be a lot better than you thought it would be! On the surface, there’s familiarity, but dive in, and there’s much to be excited about. 

In these videos, I go over how to use five of my favourite new features, but that’s not to say that’s all there is. The ability to invite others to collaborate seamlessly and in real-time. You can even give different permissions to collaborators to protect all your hard work.

Adobe Express has pulled together the power of Adobe Firefly, it’s generative AI image creator, into a sleek workflow that means content creators no longer need to worry about getting the perfect image. They need to explain what they want. 

And this is just scratching the surface, and I’m told just the start of bringing this creative tool out of the dark and leading the way. Should Canva be worried? Damn straight they should be.

My Top 5 New Features of Adobe Express

Record your voice, or upload a recording and let Adobe Express animate one of its many characters to it. With facial features and gestures, it’s great fun!
The power of Generative AI, Adobe’s Firefly, comes to the content creator. Whatever your imagination can conjure up can be included in your posts and videos.
Inspiration or speed, whatever the reason, templates can be invaluable. The inclusion of hundreds of categorised templates with the promise of thousands more is great news to creatives and content creators alike.
If you’ve ever been asked to adjust a PDF you’ll understand why this feature appears in my top 5. The experience, dare I say, is seamless and takes the grind out of an otherwise time-consuming chore.
I love Adobe Libraries, but quite often, a brand’s assets will get lost in the swamp. Not any more! A little feature that goes a long way is to separate Libraries and Brands.
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