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Enhancing Night Cityscapes

In today’s retouching video, I show you how you can enhance your cityscape imagery and create a gritty and dark night time city.

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About Francesca Hughes (21 Articles)
Fran Hughes is a professional Retoucher and amateur Photographer from Manchester, UK. She's been working as a Retoucher for 4 years and over the last year has worked on campaigns for some of the UK's biggest companies. In her free time she's an avid Photographer, Gamer & Geek. You'll either find her exploring with her Nikon, at her computer using Photoshop, watching The Walking Dead or playing her Playstation 4.

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  1. Hello Francesa ! Many thanks for sharing this enhancing night cityscapes in photoshop tutorial , it is very easy to do the way you have explained everything. Any suggestion for creating light rays through clouds effect in photoshop ? TIA

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