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Tuesday Top Tip

Hello there, welcome to Tuesday’s blog, today is Top Tip day and I have gone for the Easy Glass Text effect. Anyhoo, first, here’s todays “round up”..

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Photoshop User TV  Episode 183

“It’s good to have Matt back holding magazines and sharing tutorials. Rick Sammon is back with another installment of Snap Shots to Great Shots.”





Tuesday Top Tip – Easy Glass Text Effect

If you’ve visited here before you’ll know these two very relevant facts; 1, I’m not a trainer and 2, I’m really lazy, the more simple the better. With that in mind, here’s today’s tip;

Here’s what we are going to create, in just two layers.



The starting image comes from stock.xchg Image ID: 1121071, but any image will work.




First add some white text, nice and big and bold. Stretch it if you like by holding down the Ctl/Cmd key to get size handles.




Lets add a layer style;


We want a bit of inner shadow BUT we’ll use inner glow as this will give us a more even glow. Change the colour to black and the blend mode to multiply. Alter the opacity and size to your liking, depending on the resolution of your image and size of your text.

While we’re here, lets go in to the blending option and move the right hand slider to the left a little.




This will make the text clear with out ‘glow’ but it’s not quite there..





Turn off all the layers leaving just out text layer and save it, calling it map, or something similar.


** If you have CS£ or 4 the right click on the original layer and choose Convert to Smart Object’




From the menu choose; Filter > Distort > Displace 

Again depending on the resolution of your image etc, you may want to play about with these numbers. If you are working with a smart object you can alter them later too.

Once you press ok, you’ll be asked what image you are using as a displacement map, go find ‘Map’




Go back to your text layer and select it’s layer styles and reduce the inner glow, and thats it. All in 2 layers.

Loads of room for experimentation, so have fun with it.






Have a great day, see you tomorrow!

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