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Mike Hoffman

Lighting a 3D Model in Photoshop CS5


In the past few weeks on TipSquirrel, I’ve explored some of the new ways to create 3D models with Photoshop CS5, and touched on adding materials to your 3D objects to give them a more photo [More]

XOR Text Effect with Photoshop


XOR is a technical term that comes to us from computer science, but in Photoshop we see it all the time. It is the computer graphics effect that causes our cursor to always be a different color from [More]

Max Stacks with Photoshop


Over the past few weeks, we’ve explored the world of Smart Objects, and we’ll continue that exploration here today. However, one special note for today’s lesson – the Smart Object features [More]

Nested Smart Objects Part 2


In last week’s post on creating nested Smart Objects, we had created the image below, which was to serve as a celestial orb in our twilight desert scene. We built up this object from a basic [More]

Nested Smart Objects – Part 1


We’ve been exploring the power of Smart Objects, and starting today we will test the limits of just how far you can go – by nesting Smart Objects, one inside the other. By building Smart Objects [More]

Smart Objects, Smarter Filters


Smart Objects have given us a tremendous amount of power in Photoshop since version CS3, and it just keeps getting better. Today, we’re going to look at a non-destructive workflow that begins with [More]

Exposure Blending with Smart Objects


Last week, we looked at creating copies of Smart Objects in Photoshop, and we saw that regular copies are linked together in a special way such that when you update one Smart Object, you update ALL [More]

Picture Package with Smart Objects


When is a copy not a copy? When it is a copy of a Smart Object! In Photoshop, there are two very different ways to create copies of Smart Objects, and each of these has unique and special qualities [More]

Smarter Editing with Smart Objects


In my early Photoshop days, I created a fair number of disasters in which I edited my files, saved over the originals, and lost the ability to get back to an earlier, untarnished version of my files. [More]

Single Image HDR Toning in Photoshop CS5


OK, I promised we’d be back to our normal pre CS5 stuff today, but Mike’s just too excited about the new HDR Toning in CS5 to let it pass un noticed TS It’s top tip Tuesday, and here is [More]

Photoshop CS5 – The Verdict


 TipSquirrel Its been a great two week look at CS5 and I’d like to thank the five contributors for their insight. I’ve only been using the Beta version for a week so I’m still [More]

Creative Luminosity Techniques


Last week, we saw several ways in which we could introduce the Luminosity blend mode into our Photoshop sharpening workflow. Today, it’s all about creative application of this technique. Since the [More]

Luminosity Sharpening 3 Ways


Last time on TipSquirrel, on our ever-expanding journey into blend modes in Photoshop, we looked at the Luminosity blend mode. This mode allowed us to use the brightness values from one layer to make [More]
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