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Smart Object

Automatic Tourist Remover


Here’s a little tip that works with Photoshop Extended, versions CS3 or later, and Smart Objects. We’ve all been in public places trying to take a photograph, and people just keep walking by. [More]

Creative Stacking Diversions


Last week, I mentioned that I’d be covering my use of Stack Modes as an “automatic tourist remover.” However, this week, I endeavored to get out in the field and take some new photos [More]

Noise Reduction with Smart Object Stack Modes


Last week we took a look at Stack Modes in Photoshop, and found that all we needed was a layered Smart Object, and we could use the Stack Modes to great effect. This week we will continue to look at [More]

Max Stacks with Photoshop


Over the past few weeks, we’ve explored the world of Smart Objects, and we’ll continue that exploration here today. However, one special note for today’s lesson – the Smart Object features [More]

Nested Smart Objects Part 2


In last week’s post on creating nested Smart Objects, we had created the image below, which was to serve as a celestial orb in our twilight desert scene. We built up this object from a basic [More]

Nested Smart Objects – Part 1


We’ve been exploring the power of Smart Objects, and starting today we will test the limits of just how far you can go – by nesting Smart Objects, one inside the other. By building Smart Objects [More]

Smart Objects, Smarter Filters


Smart Objects have given us a tremendous amount of power in Photoshop since version CS3, and it just keeps getting better. Today, we’re going to look at a non-destructive workflow that begins with [More]

Exposure Blending with Smart Objects


Last week, we looked at creating copies of Smart Objects in Photoshop, and we saw that regular copies are linked together in a special way such that when you update one Smart Object, you update ALL [More]

Picture Package with Smart Objects


When is a copy not a copy? When it is a copy of a Smart Object! In Photoshop, there are two very different ways to create copies of Smart Objects, and each of these has unique and special qualities [More]

Smart Objects, Raw Flexibility


Last week, we saw that Smart Object Layers are a special kind of layer within Photoshop, that actually encapsulate data so that you have a “document within a document,” and allow you access to [More]

Smarter Editing with Smart Objects


In my early Photoshop days, I created a fair number of disasters in which I edited my files, saved over the originals, and lost the ability to get back to an earlier, untarnished version of my files. [More]

Luminosity Sharpening 3 Ways


Last time on TipSquirrel, on our ever-expanding journey into blend modes in Photoshop, we looked at the Luminosity blend mode. This mode allowed us to use the brightness values from one layer to make [More]

Smarter Texting –Transforming Editable Text


TipSquirrel welcomes back  Rebecca Fryer This a quick tip to help you achieve editable transformed text Click to Enlarge To begin with create some Text in my example I used Cooper Black font as it [More]
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