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Book Review – Mastering Photoshop Layers


As a reader of many Photoshop related books I’ve come to expect certain aspects to be contained within them. I want clear instructions, illustrated examples and information I haven’t found anywhere else. Mastering Photoshop layers ticks all the boxes. [More]

Saving custom book pages in Lightroom 5


New in Lightroom 5, you can save custom page layouts within the Book Module. This is a great time-saver, and a good way to develop and re-use your own unique page styles as you create photo books. [More]

Focus on Photoshop Lightroom – A Review


Photoshop Lightroom is, as any of the Nuts will tell you is an amazing piece of software both as a stand alone application or a compliment to Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Like all powerful software it can be a bit daunting when you first open it, so maybe a good book would help? [More]

Building an ebook in Lightroom


Today I thought I would try something a little different.. How about creating a book in Adobe Lightroom 4, converting it to an ebook and publishing it to the Apple iTunes (and Blurb book store). Does [More]

Photoshop CS6 The Missing Manual – A Review


Photoshop has a pretty extensive help file, and I don’t need to tell you dear TipSquirrel.com reader that there are some brilliant tutorial websites out there, but nothing quite takes the place of a well laid out, indexed manual that can sit quietly on the desk until that day when you just need to know something in a hurry. O’Reilly publish a whole range of Missing Manual books and for Photoshop CS6 they have once again turned to Lesa Snider. Lesa has penned two previous incarnations of the Photoshop Missing manual, authoring the CS5 and CS4 books as well as the iPhoto ‘11 Missing Manual. [More]

Some Other Nuttiness from The Photoshop Nuts


The Photoshop Nuts are a busy bunch so let’s take the opportunity to see some of the things they’ve been up to. This week we’ll take a look at those that train for a living, while next week [More]

Win Great Photoshop Elements Books


We’ve got two of the best Photoshop Elements books to give away to one lucky reader. No nonsense guide to getting the most out of your images using Photoshop Elements. Save time with invaluable [More]

Photoshop Elements 9 –The Missing Manual


There were a few things that went through my mind when I held the Elements 9 box in my hand; Why would I want to use it if I already had Photoshop CS5 on the computer? Isn’t Elements just Photoshop [More]
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