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Colour Me Tickled Pink


A great colour swatch can make things so much easier when you’re designing a web page, correcting skin tone or creating from scratch


Creating swatches is easy, but with the integration of Kuler it just got a whole heap easier.

Heres a quick overview from Tutcast

A more in depth colour tutorial came from LayersTV at the beginning of February, RC covers swatches and Kuler.

Here’s a little tip that’s helped me out a few times;

Easily Select A Colour’s Compliment Colour

This really is far easier than you might think.

So here we are, we’ve been using a nice purple colour, but we want the compliment. We open the Colour Picker pallet by clicking on the Set Foreground Colour icon



Then, see the LAB settings? Calm down, its ok. We’re not going to go into LAB just take advantage of it’s colour wheel;


Its OK, Don't Panic!

Its OK, Don't Panic!




Leave the L (luminance) setting alone, but change the a and b to their opposite. If its a + make it -,if – then make it +.

So in our case, 30 becomes -30 and -44 become 44


Wasn't so Bad eh?

Wasn't so Bad eh?

Which gives us a deep green, it’s exact opposite.






A simple tip but even if you don’t choose the exact opposite, its a good place to start.

Today’s Links

There are times when you see something and you slap your forehead in a “Why didn’t I think of that?” These have often happened when I’ve watched Dave Cross, he just seems to make it look so easy!

Anywho, today saw a link that I was blown over by,

Use your bathtub as a background/softbox!

Brilliant idea.

Also worth a look; Animal Silhouettes in Vector Format: The (Almost) Ultimate Collection, a really cool collection.

Well, Thursday is coming to an end. Tomorrow I am thinking of starting themed days. Friday will be; “Why I’m A Fan of…… Friday”

Find out who or what tomorrow.

Oh, and yep the today’s title is a quote:

“Well crack out the Crayolas and color me in tickled pink”

Ned Flanders

See you tomorrow

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  1. I must say, the link to bestdesignoptions.com is awesome, loads of stuff to keep me going for a while.

    PS, all the links on tipsquirrel.com are awesome – great site.


  2. You are right about the simple ideas!

    Using the bath (no tub I’m British) got to be better than trying to spread white paper of the desk and holding it there!

    Site gets better every day!

  3. Simply good tutorial. Like your idea.

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