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Richard Hales

An Introduction to Lightroom Collections


What are collections and why are they different from folders? Folders are where your images are imported and, conventionally, they are titled by date and that’s about it; they don’t tell [More]

Importing Images to Lightroom


Lightroom is a powerful piece of kit but it is useless unless you know how to import images into your catalogues. So in the tutorial I will go through the methods of importing existing images and [More]

High Pass Sharpening in Photoshop


Photoshop offers many sharpening options but there is one that often gets overlooked and this is High Pass Sharpening. The High Pass filter does not reside with the other sharpening filters but lives [More]

Easy Photoshop Slimming


Written by Richard Hales Firstly, I’d like to thank TipSquirrel for asking me to write a tutorial for him, and as it is my first one I’ll keep it short and sweet. This is a process that is worth [More]
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