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So here is a a recent conversation my Human PA Thingy had with a customer this week:

Customer I was wondering if you could do anything with this photo?
Thingy Sure, what was it you had in mind?
Customer Well, I thought you could take out the stuff on the table?
Thingy Yeah no problem, what would you like there instead?
Customer Pardon?
Thingy When I take that away, what would you like in it’s place?
Customer Nothing
Thingy Just an empty table?
Customer No, nothing
Thingy You want the table taken away? I would have to build up the legs of the people behind, thats a major job
Customer Oh no
Thingy I’m confused, you want NOTHING there?
Customer Yes
Thingy Just a blank spot?
Customer No, I was hoping you could Photoshop it
Thingy Yes, I can
Customer Just air brush it away
Thingy But leaving what in its place?
Customer Nothing!
Thingy There has to be something there
Customer [thinks] how about leaving the table, but with nothing on it?
Thingy Good idea.


And on the TV panel show QI, reffering to a picture of someone ‘French’

“Is he supposed to have a cigarette in his hand? I guess they must have photoshopped it out”

It didn’t occur to this person it would be easier to use a different picture than to Photoshop it out



photoshop  (v.)

“to edit an image using a computer program,” 1992, originally in ref. to Photoshop, a bitmap graphics editor trademarked and published by Adobe, released in 1990.”

The verb to photoshop has become such a throw away word now that those who don’t Photoshop are under the assumption that it is some point-and-click-work-is-done-program. For goodness sake, don’t them tell them there’s a Magic Wand tool!

Then there’s the other downer. Create a wonderful image and you get the look down the nose and “oh no, I prefer more traditional ways to create my art”, (to which i assume they mean a bit of charcoal on a cave wall).

[I have deleted about 5 paragraphs from here, I think you get what I am getting at]

What I am trying to say is this, if you are a newbie to Photoshop, welcome along. You have a lot of work ahead of you. If you are already an accomplished photoshopper or digital artist, I salute you, I admire your dedication and appreciate what you have achieved. One day, I hope they will too.

Out Now

Busy time for magazines this week, today saw Advanced Photoshop on the shelves. Again no cover pic, I could scan it I guess… but err… too lazy.

As always your comments, suggestions, links and criticisms are not only desired but needed.

Have a great weekend, I may blog over the weekend, that depends on how much acorn wine I can find.

May the Vibrancy’s slider of life be stuck on +100

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