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You’ve Been Framed

Hello, here we are at the end of the week again.

I’ve been asked a few times this week about how I feel about TipSquirrel.com being used on another site with their frame above it, so I thought I’d tell you as part of today’s blog. Right after I tell you about what we saw on TipSquirrel this week;


It was great to have Elizabeth Gast, know to many as Firgs, post an article this week. Firgs gave us an introduction to typography. It was great to have something so different on the site, I guess that’s the beauty of guest posters. Thank you again Firgs! More from Firgs on her website


Simon was back with an amazing tutorial about making objects transparent. A really cool use of filters and layers.


Another brilliantly detailed tutorial from Janine. This week she tells us about how she color corrected an aged postcard


I was back on Thursday to tell of a simple but often forgotten Step and Repeat short-cut.

Next Week

I’m thrilled to be able to tell you that Monday’s guest poster will be Chad Perkins. Through his online and video training Chad has been a great inspiration to me, so it’s a real pleasure to have him along.

Regulars Simon and Janine will be back too so it’s shaping up to be another week to be proud of, thanks gang!


TipSquirrels Initial Reaction To Being ‘Framed’

I’ve been asked on a few occasions this week how I feel about another website using a ‘frame’ to display TipSquirrel.com. This means that their banner is across the top of the page while TipSquirrel.com displays underneath.


I have mixed feelings if I am honest. Part of me is angry, not that it is being used but that no one even sent a courtesy note telling us that it was going to happen but mainly because TipSquirrel prides itself on being independent from any organisations and by having their banner on the top of the screen TipSquirrel is being associated with them and their advertisers.

The flip side to this is that we are reaching a wider audience. Although this is of no great importance commercially, it is nice to know we’re not talking to ourselves. The aim is to make a varied and informative website and to have some fun in the process; by increasing our readership this broadens our ‘well of knowledge’.

Same Links, Different way

I was challenged when I was “venting” earlier in the week by someone who said that “they were providing links to other sites, is that no different to what you are doing?”

In essence no, it’s no different at all, although I’d like to think we do it a bit more morally. Out links open in a new window and have no reference to TipSquirrel on them. We never claim that they write for us or that we have X amount of articles when in fact we link to articles.

Competition Prize

We run no advertising, nor do we have any sponsors to please. Yes, we did run a competition with a prize by Deke McClelland where the question needed the competitor to visit a commercial site. This however did not compromise our position in that we were not bound to any agreement with them. Deke very kindly donated the prize, that was the end, it was TipSquirrel that came up with the question, to relate it to Deke’s work was a courtesy.

In summary, if you want to run TipSquirrel under your own (shocking) banner, at least have the decency to tell us, that way it would give us the opportunity in telling you why we wouldn’t like it .. or maybe that’s exactly why you don’t?

Comments on this post are very welcome. I really want to know your views.


Thats it, have a great weekend! See you on Monday when Chad Perkins will be the guest poster.

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