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Watermark It With A Photoshop Brush

Photographer Andie Smith joins us again with a Quick Tip on keeping your work safe online

If it is on the internet, it’s free. WRONG! But this is how some people think… one of the ways I protect my work from free-loaders is watermarking my images before putting it on sites like Facebook, and Flickr.

Here’s how I do it;
First I create a new canvas 500px x 900px at 72dpi should do it.

I use my Wacom Tablet to sign my name. Of course you could add your logo instead, or as well as, and lower the opacity to 50%

I like to add my web address on top of the signature.

I merge layers (Ctrl / Cmd E) , then holding Ctrl/Cmd I click the layer to get the “marching ants” around the type and signature.

In the Menu I choose Edit > Define Brush Preset and name and save the new brush.

I Now have a brush for my watermark that I can easily add to all my images before I upload them to the  internet.

About Andie Smith (10 Articles)
Andie Smith is a Dallas-based freelance photographer, specializing in editorial and fine art photography. Andie’s favorite artistic expression has always been photography. As a child, she fell in love with the art while vacationing with her family. Even now, when she looks at those photos, she is instantly transported back in time to experience those moments again – the sights, the sounds, the smells, the people. It is Andie’s hope that her photography evokes a similar response in all her clients. She realized photography was more than just a hobby while studying graphic design at The Art Institute – Dallas. Andie knew she had the skills to succeed as a photographer, so she jetted off to southern Florida where she studied photography at The Art Institute – Fort Lauderdale. Andie’s favorite photography subjects are aircrafts and Americana (especially main streets).
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  1. Ingenious. Question: Is watermarking something truly needed, or does embedded metadata along with stated copyright not quite offer full protection? Or is watermarking simply a good idea to offer additional protection?

    I ask because I am just starting to upload images related to my work in a professional sense.


    Kevin Shea

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