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Use Photoshop for a Seamless Action Sequence

TS-JumpTechnically an action sequence is a series of photos merged together to show the progression of an object through the frame. Artistically an action sequence is brilliant way to show movement in your photos and make amazingly eye-catching images.

Before you watch the video here’s some tips on shooting an action sequence.

  • · Place your camera into its rapid fire or continuous shooting mode and plan where your object will enter and exit the frame.
  • · Start taking photos just before the subject enters the frame and continue until it’s gone out of frame
  • · Use a tripod if you have one.
  • · No tripod? Just keep the camera as still as possible and follow the advice in this video.
  • · Remember you don’t have to use every photo you shoot so only use the ones where your subject doesn’t overlap itself.

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Gavin has been a regular contributor to Digital Photo Magazine in the UK since 2003 where he writes “how to...” techniques on photography and Photoshop Elements. His Photoshop lectures are always in demand and he can often be seen popping up at camera clubs all over the UK.

8 Comments on Use Photoshop for a Seamless Action Sequence

  1. the stitched photos are not of the same exposure, maybe need to spend a little more time on this.

  2. Great tutorial Gavin, easy to follow, made understanding masking simple. Thanks so much.

  3. Not sure I agree Rob, but thats Photography for you, its subjective.

    As with the majority of the posts at TipSquirrel.com we Gav has given us a technique that we can use in our own images. This tutorial was about masking not the start to finish picture. I’m going to guess that Gavin put the images through ACR first, but I’d argue that this isn’t relevant in this tutorial.

    TipSquirrel provides tips from some brilliantly talented people that give their time and expertise free of charge so that we don’t have to charge the reader for access to all the tutorials. I think a little compromise may be required at times?

  4. Thanks for your tip, nicely done. You made it seem so simple. cheers

  5. Sandy // 09/02/2013 at 8:09 pm //

    Thanks! Didn’t know it was that easy! I am going to try that out

  6. Awesome! Much better finish than using the Background Eraser Tool. Thanks Gavin.

  7. ///MPower // 10/06/2013 at 6:06 pm //

    I forgot all about “Photomerge!” Geeze.. I was trying to line them all up by hand which is no easy task when you didn’t use a tripod. GREAT tutorial. Thank you!

  8. Gavin, I stumbled onto your video and I attended to create an action sequence photo of a kite surfer. However, I could not proceed with the process when I tried to auto merge the layers due to the fact that the surfer was jumping in the air and i panned to follow him and therefore I have slightly different sky back ground and don’t have enough overlapping areas for Photoshop. How do I proceed in this situation? I am a novice user for Photoshop. I normally use Lightroom 6 for my processing and I have photoshop cs6. Thank you!

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