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Top Tip Tuesday – Happy St Patrick’s Day

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Tuesday Top Tip

Probably the greatest lesson I have learnt and can pass on to you is this, check your results, have a coffee, check again. give it to someone else to check.

It is easy to see the finishing line when you are restoring an old photo or retouching a new one and just want it to end. Just remember that every brush stroke, every layer and every opacity setting is as important as the last one so give it the same consideration.


Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated

I could go on about how easy people think Photoshop is, but I’ve done that already (Caution, Squirrel May Bite), but it does add in extra pressure. Expectations are high. What’s worse is that there are sites out there highlighting Photoshop errors, some of which I have dotted through this post.


Get someone to check your work. This could be a colleague, spouse or friend but always take on board what they have said and never argue. You may not agree but thank them and consider what they have said.

Take a look through the sites of Photoshop mistakes, they are good research. You may even feel good for the experience (unless of course one of yours features!), but while you laugh at the “silly mistakes” just keep in mind that the person that created that thought they were doing a good job too!

I can’t imagine how the basketball picture made it into the pages of sports illustrated, but one has to assume that more than one person saw the image before printing.

That’s a silly mistake, but there are ‘errors’ out there that one can’t help feeling are forced upon the poor humble re-toucher.

Here’s a great example in that we get to see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ in the same pic.


Marie Claire

Marie Claire


In conclusion, go look at these Photoshop mistakes but remember, you are but a couple of checks away from them being one of yours!

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The greatest retouching tutorial I have found

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone, see you tomorrow!

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