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Tip Picks – Photoshop Podcasts and Screencasts

In an occasional series, TipSquirrel lists his favorites, this time, Podcasts

The podcast, the humble little movie that plops onto my hard drive and waits for me to be ready to watch it. As a squirrel that collects tips these are an invaluable resource. So, what ones do I like the most?


Currently running a Photoshop Top 40 Features item each week this is building into a very useful reference and revision library. Deke takes us through the most important features and, despite being a podcast, in surprising detail. So often you know Photoshop can do something you just can’t remember how, with this series on your hard-drive the answer may only be a click away.

 Photoshop User TV

With over 220 episodes under its belt PSUTV still delivers fresh material. The old format, although still very informative, had the feel of three naughty schoolboys sitting at the back of the class, giggling and making their own jokes. Although still light hearted, the new format has the boys separated and thus not so easily distracted.

 Understanding Adobe Photoshop

 Richard Harrington’s training style is very calm and straightforward. What he does though is teaches you more than you realise you’ve been taught. I guess this is because he makes learning very, very easy. See also Photoshop for Video

 Photoshop Killer Tips

 If you find you have a couple of minutes this is a great series to have handy. Lasting just a minute or two this series is great for a refresher of finding those little things that will speed up your work flow. Hosted by Matt Kloskowski this is a screen recording and nothing more, but then, it doesn’t need to be.

 Adobe Photoshop Quicktips

 The thing I like most about Justin Seely’s Podcast is that I think I know how he’s going to do something, then he does it completely different and much better too. This series has been away for a while which makes it all the sweeter to see it back again. If I had to describe Justin’s style in one word it would be ‘enthusiastic’, and that’s no bad thing.

 Gavin Hoey’s You Tube Channel

Gavin has videos on his blog but I find it easier to head over to his You Tube site and browse through. Gavin is an excellent trainer and is always straight forward while being very informative. You’ll also find plenty of photography as well as Photoshop tips.


 Bert Monroy’s series sadly came to an end at the beginning of the year but you can still see it. Bert is a Photo-realistic Photoshop artist and what he can’t do with Photoshop really isn’t worth mentioning. What makes Bert’s technique stand out is that he uses Photoshop’s functions in a way you may not be expecting, and encourages the user to do the same, “Experiment, its not work, its play”

Planet Photoshop

If anyone is going to steal Bert’s crown as the most innovative Photoshop trainer it, in my opinion, is going to be Corey Barker. Like Bert, Corey never fails to surprise with his techniques. My only gripe is that this series isn’t available on iTunes and so doesn’t automatically drop onto the hard drive.

The Martini Hour

Not always Photoshop related, but non the less very interesting. Deke’s knowledge of digital imaging is laid out before us, all we have to do is drink it all in. With guests ranging from different fields this show stays fresh and interesting week after week. At about 30 minutes an episode, that’s no mean feat.

Missed your favourite? Let us know!

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