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The Photoshop CS5 Masks Panel

It’s great to welcome back Dan Moughamian to TipSquirrel.com. Here Dan takes a look at how to refine your layer masks by using Photoshop’s Masks panel in combination with an adjustment layer.

Keep a look out for Dan’s new book from Adobe Press in August, we’ll let you know when and where you can get Adobe Digital Imaging How-To’s nearer the time.

About Dan Moughamian (37 Articles)
Dan Moughamian is an experienced photographer and educator, and has worked with Adobe Photoshop since the early 1990s. He also has extensive experience with Photoshop Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, plugins from Nik software, and many other digital imaging products. As an educator, Dan's focus is to help photographers at all levels get the most from their digital workflows.

5 Comments on The Photoshop CS5 Masks Panel

  1. nicely done, easy to follow & well illustrated, useful/usable info
    bet your book’s written in the same style, i’ll have to have a look at it, perhaps my students will want it too.

  2. Thanks, Keith. I appreciate the compliment. The book is nearing wrap-up phase, and I’m very excited. I’ve tried to put together a collection of tips that can help take students all the way through a digital workflow that includes both ACR/Lightroom and Photoshop, catching some of the best new features along the way. As time nears I will be tweeting about it and hopefully getting 1 or 2 excerpts online at Peachpit. Will keep everyone posted. 🙂

  3. Very well explained. Do I understand you have a book coming out? I’m interested!

  4. Thanks Dan for the great video! I have been curios about to go about the single color selection with a mask. Thanks again, I’m off to practice this!

  5. Just a quick announcement: the book shipped to outlets last week, and I’ll be tweeting about a new contest this starting this week (@Colortrails), where I’ll hopefully be giving away several copies between now and the end of the year. Thanks to all for the kind words and support. -Dan

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