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Live Shapes in Photoshop CC


Photoshop CC continues the progression started in version CS6, of offering ever more powerful and flexible vector shape capabilities. In addition to true fill and stroke, we have live shape properties adjustable on the fly. Learn how to take advantage of the new live shapes in Photoshop CC. [More]

Cartoon Vector Clouds with Photoshop


With Photoshop we can create vector images, but as they are rendered as pixels and not points they become vulnerable to the same problems associated with normal pictures – eg degradation when blown up. But that's not to say we cant have some fun and make some cool pictures using simple techniques. [More]

Photoshop Signature Brushes and Shapes


Whether you want to watermark your images, or just an a tasteful signature for artistic flair, there are several ways to accomplish this in Photoshop. In this tutorial, we’ll look at two ways to create a signature that can be applied over and over – one method using Photoshop’s Brush Engine, and the second using Photoshop Custom Shapes. [More]

Photoshop CS6 Vector Fun


With the new Photoshop CS6, we finally have vectors that have fill and stroke properties, and this gives us much more power and flexibility with our designs. In this video you’ll see the basics of creating a new vector object, modifying the fill and stroke properties, adding pixel-based effects to your vector object, and blending the object with your background. [More]

Creating Dashed and Dotted Lines in Photoshop


The more I play around with Photoshop CS6, the more I like all the great new capabilities that have been added to this amazing program. Did you know, that in Photoshop CS6, shape layers are a thing of the past, replaced in their entirety by vector layers? This is a tremendously powerful feature, which we will explore in detail over many tutorials in the future. For today, we’ll focus on a small new feature, but one which solves a big problem that has existed forever in Photoshop – how to create a dashed or dotted line. [More]

Editing shapes in Photoshop


In this week’s tip, we’ll look at some fast and easy ways to start with existing shapes (vector paths) in Photoshop, apply some quick modifications, and make the shapes into your own unique [More]

Vector Masks in Photoshop


In last week’s post on TipSquirrel, we started looking at drawing with shapes and paths in Photoshop. In the interest of getting our toes wet, so to speak, we looked at the shape tools, and saw [More]

Vectors From Photograph – Flesh Tones


Continuing our vector tutorial – we will work on the flesh this week… Step 1 We begin by downloading the source file we last worked on from – Here. Next, group the bikini vector we made [More]

Shading vectors in Photoshop


Over the last couple of tutorials we have been gently introducing ourselves to vectors, firstly adding the lines then some colour. Today we are going to work on details. Step 1. Firstly download the [More]
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