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Michael Hoffman

Text Chiselled in Stone with Photoshop


This week’s tip is a two-for-one, bringing you some classic techniques. We’ll create a nice stone texture, then carve some text in it using layer styles, as well as a few additional tricks. [More]

How to Make Photoshop Clipping Masks


In today’s video tip, learn how to create and use a clipping mask within Photoshop. Clipping masks can be used like a digital cookie cutter, to provide a quick and easy way to use the shape and [More]

Reflections in 3D, part 2


Today, we’ll finish up the image we started last week. We’ll start with the basic 3D text and postcard elements we created, add a 3D model of a wine glass, and finish off with some standard [More]

Reflections in 3D


Today we start a multi-part tutorial in creating complex 3D images in Photoshop 3D Extended. The image we’ll create was inspired by a magazine advertisement I spotted while “relaxing” on a recent airline journey. The interweaving reflections caught my eye, and the idea for a tutorial was born. [More]

HDR Finishing–Tips and Techniques


As we’ve seen in the past few tips on HDR, the process of combining and tone mapping the bracketed images is only a small part of the overall process. In today’s video tip, we will see some [More]

HDR Techniques : Prepare Now, Avoid Headaches Later


As we discussed in last week’s introduction to taking your HDR Beyond the Ordinary, using the HDR and Tone Mapping software is only one step in what should be a much bigger workflow. In today’s video tip, we look at ways of preparing your images for the HDR process – there are a lot of image artifacts and problems that can be removed from the equation before we even open up Photomatix, or HDR Efex Pro, or Photoshop’s Merge To HDR Pro. [More]

Tangled Webs: Combine and Simplify Paths


In previous tips here on TipSquirrel, we’ve looked at various ways of creating and modifying paths in Photoshop. Today, we’ll explore methods for combining paths using the interaction modes in [More]

Shapes, Arrows and Hidden Options in Photoshop


Creating arrows (such as we here use in our tutorials) shouldn’t be too hard in Photoshop, and it actually isn’t. However, you may find it frustrating to find out the best way to accomplish such [More]

Editing shapes in Photoshop


In this week’s tip, we’ll look at some fast and easy ways to start with existing shapes (vector paths) in Photoshop, apply some quick modifications, and make the shapes into your own unique [More]

Vector Masks in Photoshop


In last week’s post on TipSquirrel, we started looking at drawing with shapes and paths in Photoshop. In the interest of getting our toes wet, so to speak, we looked at the shape tools, and saw [More]

Drawing with shapes and paths in Photoshop


Today we begin an exploration of drawing in Photoshop. Not drawing as in grabbing a brush and making marks or blobs, but drawing with precision and with flexible elements that provide a multitude of [More]

Lightroom: Missing Files, No Longer!


Almost everyone who has used Lightroom has, at some time, encountered the dreaded question mark icon – indicating a missing file or missing folder. Sometimes it is a nuisance, but other times [More]

Troublesome Photoshop Layer Effects


With Photoshop, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. If they did, you’d never learn anything! But today, we’ll look at a common problem that has a simple, but obscure solution. It all [More]

Lightroom Organization with Smart Collections


If you’ve been following my past couple of tips on Tagging your Lightroom Images with Keywords, and Organizing and Searching in Lightroom with Keywords, you are well-prepared for this week’s tip. [More]
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