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Lightroom 5

Lightroom 5 – Keyboard Shortcuts


Everybody loves keyboard shortcuts, and today on TipSquirrel, we have Lightroom 5 Keyboard Shortcuts for you! Learning keyboard shortcuts can help boost your productivity and can be the key to a smooth and consistent workflow. In addition, you’re taking some of the work away from your mouse, and that can be a benefit if you tend to suffer from repetitive motion stress. There are a few Lightroom 5 keyboard shortcuts everyone should know – for example, the big three in my mind are “G, E, D” (for grid view, loupe view, and develop module view). And there’s “R” for the crop tool. But there are oh, so many more Lightroom 5 keyboard shortcuts. [More]

Noise Reduction in Lightroom 5


It’s inevitable when you’re making digital photographs that you are going to encounter digital noise. Noise in an image is the result of variability in the light level readings from one sensor pixel to the next. Even the best quality sensors will produce some level of noise, and the noise will be amplified under certain conditions. Fortunately, with Lightroom, we have built-in noise reduction capability, and the performance is exceptionally good. [More]

Simulating Film Grain in Lightroom 5


Add some character and grit to your black and white conversions with Lightroom's film grain simulator. This feature is great for bringing a little bit of nostalgia and that old time film look into your Lightroom black and white conversions. [More]

Customizing the Lightroom Interface


Lightroom is very efficient at importing, organizing, sorting and developing, but it makes a great tool for showing your work as well. The interface, while flexible and useful, can be customized to some degree so that you can present a professional, more polished image to your clients. With Lightroom's customization features, you can simplify the visible part of the interface, and this can even help you streamline your workflow as well. Today, we're going to look at customizing the side panels. [More]

Customize your Lightroom 5 Splash Screen


A new and little-known feature in Lightroom 5 is that we now have the ability to customize the splash screen – the initial graphics that show up when the program starts. The default splash screen for Lightroom 5 is one that you’ve grown accustomed to, and it follows the Creative Cloud design style: [More]

Lightroom 5 Beta Resources Around The web


Earlier in the week we posted about the release of Lightroom 5 Beta, then Mike revealed his three favourite new features, but, I thought you might like different points of view. So, here’s some bits and bobs from around the web, thank you to everyone that’s helped us get to grips with the new launch; [More]

Lightroom 5 Beta My Three Favorite Features


As mentioned in a special post yesterday Lightroom 5 Beta is out, and in this video you'll see my three favorite new features. You can get a trial copy of the new beta version of Lightroom 5 from labs.adobe.com. Be sure to follow the Photoshop Nuts here on TipSquirrel as we keep you up to date with new features and information about Lightroom 5. [More]

Photoshop Lightroom 5 Beta Now Available FREE


Lightroom 5 Beta became free to download as from this morning (Tuesday 16th April 2013). This beta offers a free, public preview of new features and tools that will be offered in the final release, expected later this year. [More]
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