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Lightroom 4

Lightroom 4 Adjustment Brush Tricks


Lightroom 4 brings all the same capabilities you'll find in Camera Raw for the Adjustment Brush, as well as the Graduated Filter. Add multiple effects, control your image non-destructively. Plus, Lightroom adds some nifty controls all its own to make your editing more efficient. [More]

An Introduction to Maps in Lightroom 4


Lightroom 4 brings a new Map module, and if you haven't tried using it, you're missing out. Simple and quick, the Map module provides a way to use the geolocation metadata (map coordinates) in your images, or to create map data easily if your images don't already have it. Mapping your photos is an easy, fun, graphic and effective way to sort, display and search for photos in your library. [More]

Lightroom 4: Sharing Pictures Via Email


One of the most useful workflow enhancements in Lightroom 4 is the ability to quickly email photographs to colleagues or clients, without leaving the application. A range of popular email services are supported such as Gmail and Yahoo mail, as as well as the default email client installed on your system (such as Outlook). Best of all, it's easy to validate existing web mail accounts. [More]

Changes to the Basics Tab in Lightroom 4 Beta


Recently, I have seen a lot of discussion regarding the changes to the development module in Lightroom 4 Beta and I wanted to go over some of these changes since Lightroom 3. In my previous post, I [More]
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