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Line Drawing in a Photograph using Photoshop Clipping Masks


In this video I answer a reader question that was asked of me through our Facebook Page. ”How”, they wondered, “can you make it look like a drawing’s being held up in front of a photograph?” Its actually very straight forward, and would be easier if you took a couple of photos at the same time. Me, I head over to Fotolia and get some images to help me out! If you recognise the tip on making the line drawing part of this tutorial it may be that you saw it when it was my entry to The Next Photoshop Evangelist competition. [More]

The Graphic Novel Filter: Photoshop Elements’ Diamond in the Rough


With the release of Elements 11 came three new filters: Pen and Ink, Comic and Graphic Novel. You could be excused from not having known about them as they reside in the Sketch category of the Filters menu, a place you visit in the early stages of using Elements but rarely return. Many of these special effects filters fail to live up to their expectations, not without a lot of additional work afterward, at least. These new sketch filters are different: on the whole they actually do what they're supposed to, and often with fantastic results! My favourite of the three filters is Graphic Novel and that's what we'll be looking at in this tutorial. The effect it produces gives the image a hand-drawn effect with intricate lines similar to those drawn with Rotring precision pens. [More]

Vector Masks in Photoshop


In last week’s post on TipSquirrel, we started looking at drawing with shapes and paths in Photoshop. In the interest of getting our toes wet, so to speak, we looked at the shape tools, and saw [More]

Drawing with shapes and paths in Photoshop


Today we begin an exploration of drawing in Photoshop. Not drawing as in grabbing a brush and making marks or blobs, but drawing with precision and with flexible elements that provide a multitude of [More]
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