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Creative Cloud

Synchronize Color Settings in Photoshop and Creative Cloud Apps


If you've ever delved into the Photoshop menus you might have come across Color Settings in the Edit menu. There's a lot to alter here, but what's that down the bottom right corner telling me that my Colours are not synchronised? There doesn't seem to be any way to synchronise them either.... [More]

Creative Cloud – One Year On


The Creative Cloud comprises of 37 apps, some powerhouses of creativity like Photoshop, others might sit on your desktop until you need to test, tweak, update or add to your mobile device. There’s also some online storage, 20 gigabytes toCC_Aps be precise. This is a nice amount, I’m not going to rave about it, I know a few people that would fill it in a thrice, but for getting your files from device to device, or to share with others it works well. For a little while CC users couldn’t sync and this was a frustration. Now though, its pretty seamless and works as expected. [More]

The Photoshop Photography Program


Many existing users of Adobe software were a little disgruntled by the move to Creative Cloud earlier in the year. Many of our readers were among them citing that, if you only use a couple of products then Creative Cloud seemed a little like paying for an over expensive sledgehammer to crack a nut. Adobe seemed to listen and answered queries as best they could at the time. To their credit, they also contacted TipSquirrel.com to see if we were ok fielding the questions and accusations that were cropping up in our comments and Facebook feed. Adobe last night announced that their solution to the problem, The Photoshop Photography Program has gone live, and should, hopefully, appease existing customers that would like Photoshop CC. [More]

Photoshop Touch for iPad – Part 2


Picking up from Part 1 of our Photoshop Touch tutorial (where I covered the organization of the UI, basic layering and selection options, basic tool options, and a simple layered workflow for [More]
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