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Fixing Chromatic Aberration in ACR 7.1


Shortly after Photoshop CS6 was released, Adobe provided a very useful update to users of the Camera Raw plugin: brand new tools for removing CA or chromatic aberration! CA is the fancy term given to the fuzzy "color fringes" that we often see, in shots taken under bright light. Just zoom in between 100-300%, and as you pan around the subject, check the high contrast edges. Subjects shot against a bright skies or lights are particularly vulnerable to displaying CA. Fortunately there's a very easy solution in Camera Raw 7.1 that requires only a few clicks. Let's take a look. [More]

Round-trip ACR Edits with Photoshop CS6


One of the best ways to maintain a non-destructive workflow in Photoshop CS6, is to use the power of Smart Object layers with your Adobe Camera Raw (or ACR) output. For this quick tutorial, [More]

Fixing White Balance in ACR


I confess, I’ve never changed the white balance settings on my camera, in fact, after I recorded this video I thought I’d look and see where to change them and it took me a lot longer than it [More]

Start to Finish Workflow with Gavin Hoey


There’s photographic potential all around us, that’s one of the amazing things about photography. Usually there’s a direct connection between the distance travelled and the amount of inspiring [More]

Camera Raw Workflow Tips


In today’s video tip, you won’t learn how to create or apply cool develop settings to make your images look amazing. What you will learn is how to set or change your Camera Raw workflow, how to understand when and why unusual things are happening in Camera Raw, and ways to gain speed and efficiency with your Camera Raw workflow [More]

Shadow and Highlights with Adobe Camera Raw


In this follow-up to last week’s video, Rich Harrington teaches us how to fix clipped shadows, overblown highlights, and soft detail when working with photos shot under low lift conditions. [More]

Mastering Adobe Camera Raw


In this, made for TipSquirrel.com, video, Rich Harrington explores the power of Adobe Camera Raw. Here Rich has a real world example to work though with amazing outcomes. [More]

Vintage Effect in Adobe Camera RAW


Vintage photo effects are all the rage in photography at the moment. Often they created in mobile apps or in Photoshop, but in this tutorial I’m going to show you a simple vintage effect that can [More]

Accessing ACR from Photoshop


Sometimes I come across something that changes the way I use Photoshop and today I share one such thing. I’m a fan of Adobe Camera Raw and it’s where I like to start my editing but what if you’re working with a PSD file? No worries, there’s a way to access Adobe Camera Raw right from inside Photoshop. [More]

A Quick Look at Vignettes in Adobe Camera Raw


In this video I take a look at the old and new vignette settings in Adobe Camera Raw. Previously designed to remove unwanted vignettes from images they have become part of the artistic toolbox of the photographer. [More]
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