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The RoboHorse – Turn Ordinary Animal to a Robot 

I like this one, it is a mixture of doing a puzzle and creating in Photoshop. Great idea and certainly one that is open to other possibilities.

Put a bit of time aside!




ColorSchemer Studio 2
A rival to Adobe’s Kuler. On the face of it it really could be.

“Work with a dynamic visual color wheel, instantly explore harmony relationships and even let ColorSchemer Studio intelligently suggest color schemes for you!”



News & Views

France are set to introduce a law that forces publishers to disclose what retouching has been done…

A friend once said to me that the better the photo-shopping the less you should know has been done. So, what if these new laws come in in France, would it be a good thing? The New York Times has a small video piece on the matter, Sex. Lies and Photoshop.

Not keen on the title of the item personally, rather a leading statement, might have preferred it a little more with a question-mark. I would love to hear your views on it for a possible article later in the week.


It’s been a busy day today so I haven’t had much time, so you’ll be relieved to find that that’s it for today. 

Have a very fine Wednesday.

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2 Comments on Short & Sweet

  1. sydknee // 13/03/2009 at 11:33 am //

    That is going to start a big debate.

    Retouching is needed, we all know that! No body is perfect and needs a bit of TLC in Photoshop sometimes but there should be a limit. What that is and who decides will be an even bigger debate.

    I could rant on about this for hours so I’d better stop or Grayson will have to porn some of his hazel nuts to buy more server space.

  2. Good work. I learned a lot from this.

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