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Selecting Hair in Photoshop Elements 11

TS-ELE11Photoshop Elements keeps getting better and better with each new release. With the recent release of Elements 11, Adobe has crammed even more Photoshop’s power into Elements with the addition of edge detection.

It’s called Refine edge with edge detection and what it does is to make the impossible easy. Until now Photoshop Elements would struggle to select complex structures like hair or leaves but no more as you’ll discover in this video. Now selecting hair is as easy as using a paint brush!

Because this technology is identical to Photoshop, this tutorial is fully compatible with Photoshop CS5 and CS6 as well as Elements 11.

About Gavin Hoey (45 Articles)
Gavin has been a regular contributor to Digital Photo Magazine in the UK since 2003 where he writes “how to...” techniques on photography and Photoshop Elements. His Photoshop lectures are always in demand and he can often be seen popping up at camera clubs all over the UK.

7 Comments on Selecting Hair in Photoshop Elements 11

  1. Keith Russell // 19/10/2012 at 7:05 am //

    Gavin would have to be one of the best tutors I’ve seen on the Web. He gets me inspired every time I see one of his posts.

  2. I completely agree, Gavin’s in my top 12 too!

    Thanks for the feedback, we like to hear from all out readers, good or bad (but we particularly like the good)

  3. Absolutely brilliant instructions which I was able to follow to a tee! I have researched loads of tutorials but none of them were as easy to follow as this.

    Thank you Gavin

  4. Jacqueline Johnson // 23/04/2013 at 5:53 am //

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

  5. Hello Gavin.I have recently watched a you tube tutorial by photo extremist.com where using a DSLR. camera 2 different exposures on a tripod of the same landscape on spot meter mode were taken. one of the sky the other the foreground.Processing of these two shots were done on PS.CS5.The photos were combined into one by alignment mode/layers/masks/and paint brush application to adjust sky contrast shading and foreground high lite adjustment. I enjoy HDR photography, and liked what I saw in this tutorial. I have just purchased PS.elements 11 and would hope the above process can be accomplished by using this version.Any info or modifications to be successful on PS.elem.11 would be greatly appreciated. thank you Vincent Doyle.

  6. “ Thanks for posting these tips!! It’s always good to have reminders or learn new things. I also try to make this one in the past but not success but a outsource company easily help me to find out my solution in easy way. They support me some hair masking task within short time.”

  7. Undoubtedly this tutorial is very important for newbies

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