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Seeing Stars

You might be here today to see what Simon has to offer, but I have some bad news. Simon very kindly sent me 2 weeks worth of posts last week as he would be away this week. He didn’t factor in my stupidity however, and I posted last weeks and then deleted the email. So, until his return I’m afraid you get extra me … sorry..

So here’s a nice feature in Photoshop that I’ll eventually be using to make a star with, but I’ll show you some other bits and bobs along the way;

I’ve chosen the Polygon tool


And I’ll be drawing the shape as a Shape Layer with 5 sides


When I drag out the shape it’s pretty much as I would expect. I can turn it while I draw bur also use the Spacebar so that I can re-position mid draw too.

Like many other tools, Alt will draw from the middle and Shift will snap to an angle.

Of course I can change the 5 to any number I want, 3 will give me a triangle, 4 a square etcetera.


I want a 5 pointed star so I change the ‘Sides’ back to 5 and then click the downward pointing arrow to reveal more options.


And there is the check box to make a star. I’ll check that and I can draw a 5 pointed star



Next I’m going to have a play with the Indent Sides box, first dropping it to 25%

Star07And then at 75%



There’s another setting in there that I’m going to have a play with. I’ll set back the Indent Sides to 50% and the check the Smooth Corners box.


I’ve drawn two stars here, one without rounded corners and one with. Handy if you ever wanted to draw Patrick Star I guess.


Have a great day, I’ll’ see you all later in the week.

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